How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live?

With Instagram Live gaining more popularity by the day, many users find the need to create a more focused and distraction-free experience by hiding comments. Whether you’re a host wanting to keep your broadcast clean or a viewer trying to concentrate on the content, there are ways to manage the visibility of comments during a live session.

In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step, accompanied by screenshots, on how to hide comments on Instagram Live, both as a host and as a viewer.

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live?

Turn off Comments on Instagram Live as Host

Instagram provides the host with an option to turn off comments for their live broadcasts. This ensures a clean slate for the presentation and reduces potential distractions for viewers.

Step 1: Start Your Live Broadcast

Begin by launching your Instagram app and swiping right or tapping on your profile picture in the Stories section to start a live broadcast.

Step 2: Access Live Settings

Once you’ve initiated the live broadcast, you’ll notice a row of icons on the bottom. Tap on the three dots or “More” icon to access additional settings.

Step 3: Turn off Comments

In the settings, there should be an option that says “Turn Off Commenting”. By selecting this option, comments will be disabled for the entirety of your live broadcast.

Note: You can always turn comments back on by following the same steps and selecting “Turn On Commenting”.

Hide Comments on Instagram Live as Viewer

As a viewer, sometimes you may just want to immerse yourself in the content without being sidetracked by the flurry of comments. Instagram provides a simple way for viewers to hide comments during a live broadcast.

Step 1: Enter the Live Broadcast

Tap on the profile picture of the user who’s live broadcasting. This will lead you into the live session.

Step 2: Hide Comments

Simply swipe right on the comment section to hide the comments. This action will provide a clear view of the live broadcast without any comments.

Note: To bring the comments back, just swipe left on the screen.

Benefits of Hiding Comments

The interactive nature of Instagram Live is one of its most engaging features. However, the comments section can sometimes become a distraction or even a source of negativity that detracts from the experience. Thus, opting to hide comments comes with several benefits for both hosts and viewers:

For Hosts:

  • Distraction-Free Presentation: Without the constant influx of comments, hosts can focus on delivering their content without interruptions or distractions.
  • Control Over Broadcast Environment: It provides hosts with the ability to control the broadcast environment and keep it clean and professional, especially relevant for formal and business-related live sessions.
  • Avoidance of Negative Interactions: It helps in preventing potential disruptions or negative interactions that might occur in the comments, ensuring that the session remains positive and constructive.

For Viewers:

  • Enhanced Focus: Viewers can immerse themselves fully in the content without the distraction of a constantly updating comment feed.
  • Uninterrupted Viewing Experience: For live sessions involving performances, demonstrations, or detailed explanations, the absence of comments ensures an uninterrupted visual experience.
  • Reduced Bandwidth Usage: On a practical note, hiding comments might slightly reduce bandwidth usage, which could be beneficial for viewers with limited internet connectivity.

Understanding these benefits is crucial for users to weigh the pros and cons of managing comments visibility during Instagram Live sessions. While engagement is vital, creating a conducive environment for content delivery and consumption is equally paramount, establishing a balance that caters to the needs and preferences of both hosts and viewers.


Hiding comments on Instagram Live can offer a more streamlined and focused experience. Whether you’re the host wanting to avoid distractions or a viewer aiming for a clearer view, these steps ensure you can customize your live session to your preference.


Can I selectively hide comments from specific users as a host?

As of now, Instagram doesn’t offer a direct feature to hide comments from specific users during a live broadcast. However, you can block or restrict users if they’re causing disruptions.

Is there a way to hide comments permanently for all live sessions as a viewer?

No, currently, you need to swipe right each time you enter a new live session to hide comments.

If I hide comments as a viewer, will they be hidden for others?

No, hiding comments is a user-specific action. If you hide them, they will only be hidden for you.

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